How to keep your baby cool during British heatwaves. 8 handy tips!

Oh my goodness how warm has it been lately? Don’t get me wrong I love the sunshine but when it reaches a certain point (with no air conditioning or pool) it gets really uncomfortable for me, let alone my poor baby! It’s the first summer and first experience with anxieties and worry of “is my baby too hot?!”. With links to SIDS with overheating, which can be particularly troublesome at night, I have really looked into ways to keeping my baby cool.

So here are my 8 helpful tips!

1) Strip them off! 

Sounds obvious but if you’re feeling warm, more than likely your baby is warm and cannot tell you! I was literally in my bra and knickers yesterday and as a result, my bubba was in just a nappy. Simple! Especially at night, I have been stripping off to either just a nappy or a sleeveless body suit using just a light cotton muslin to cover when the night temperature does start to dip but it’s still warm.

2) Keep them hydrated! I exclusively breastfeed and it’s amazing that they need nothing else but breast milk. I have been offering it more frequently and she has been feeding more and my milk is almost more watery to hydrate her. It’s amazing how breast milk changes depending on the weather, but I need to ensure that I am also very hydrated to prevent dehydrating myself. 

3) Cool bathing. If you have access to a paddling pool when outside, brilliant! Just ensure it is in the shade. We went to a BBQ for Father’s Day and we did exactly that and she loved it! I still made sure she had suncream on to prevent any UV exposure. Also switch that warm toasty night time bath just for a cooler bath. Instead of 36-37.5 degrees take it slightly cooler and you will be surprised at how cooler it will keep your baby ready for bedtime.

4) Stay indoors in extreme temperatures or under a UV protecting parasol. Why even risk heat exhaustion or heat stroke for your baby? I tend to stay indoors during peak sunshine hours (11-3) and keep blinds shut, windows open and a fan on. I have also recently invested in a Bugaboo Parasol for my buggy that has a silver UV protection of 50+ that ensures the UV doesn’t penetrate through cheaper simple fabric ones. 

5) Use a fan. They are only cheap and get one before the mad rush that happens each year during a heatwave! They don’t need to be a super posh one, a basic stand up fan does the trick. Even better, this year I have discovered the use of a bowl of ice placed in front of the fan that than blows out cool air rather than circulating the same hot air in the room! Think of it as a home made air conditioning unit, just like Gatsby!

6) Magicool . It’s a cool water spray in a can and you can spray it on your skin, on children, babies and even pets! It’s ideal when things are super hot and provides instant relief! I brought a can for when I was in labour!

7) Cool compresses like placing a flannel in the freezer, ice packs and even placing some baby wipes in the fridge. They are good for sweaty babes and especially good on pulse areas such as wrists and neck. 

8) Use the grill rather than the oven when cooking at home. The oven will generate so much heat when preparing meals so maybe try alternatives. Pop on the BBQ, prepare a salad rather than those slow oven cooked meals.

So enjoy the summer, be sensible and have fun! 


Millie’s Beach Huts – A Fantastic Family Day Out!

I’ve not posted about anything travel related just yet and the fact that I gave birth to my first child in March, means I have been adapting to motherhood ever since. At around two months old I feel I am settling in well and have learnt about this motherhood lark so I feel a little more comfortable to venture away. As I am not going away till the summer, I decided to head to the coast to get a taste of summer (wheather depending) and have a family day out in a cute beach hut! Break her in gently! 

I stumbled across Millie’s Beach Huts based in Walton-on-the-Naze in Essex after a google search for Beach Huts. They look so cute and made me smile with their bright colours and seaside themed decor, I had to snap one up for the day. I have never been inside a beach hut or hired one, but decided to take the plunge and go for it! In fact, I had never even been to Walton-on-the- Naze but the beach looked very clean and quaint so it was a good location to try and hire a beach hut! 

It’s always a gamble booking things in advance when living in the U.K, as one day the weather in June could be torrential rain or gales, but I got lucky and it was a glorious 23 degrees with blue skies as you can see by the pics! 

The beach hut of choice (and availability as they get snapped up quick!) was Millie! Millie is based in Southcliffe promenade and was a beach hut of the year finalist due to its quirky and colourful pink and sea green decor! To be honest I was so glad it was available as it was my beach hut of choice! 

It’s a Cath Kidston paradise with vintage floral plates, cute polka dots and kitsch interior design. It is full with amenities too for you to use such as a whistling kettle, chairs, gas stove, umbrella and even the buckets and spades are included to use! Vicky (the owner of Millie’s Beach Huts) has pretty much thought of everything, so even if the weather was bad, there are board games, cozy blankets, colouring in (ideal for kids) and even a glass jar of doggy biscuits for your furry friend should you chose to bring them along as they are more than welcome! 

It was actually really warm inside the hut so even on a cooler day you wouldn’t be freezing but I spent much of the day relaxing on the balcony! Based on the second row and up 5 steps, you have an uninterrupted view of the sea and what a glorious view it was! I honestly felt I was away on holiday for the day! 

There were 6 of us in total (baby included) and it was just enough room for us to enjoy a cold drink and fish and chips before we left in the evening! The Huts are to hire for long hours in the summer season so you could stay from 9am till 8pm. Booking is simple and quick online and access is via a code and key safe attached to the hut itself so no faffing about before or after! It also is incredibly affordable so most certainly won’t break the bank!

My little one enjoyed her first day at the seaside and I highly recommend coming to Walton-on-the-Naze for your traditional British seaside retreat for the day and Millie’s Beach Huts are an ideal base for the day!