Millie’s Beach Huts – A Fantastic Family Day Out!

I’ve not posted about anything travel related just yet and the fact that I gave birth to my first child in March, means I have been adapting to motherhood ever since. At around two months old I feel I am settling in well and have learnt about this motherhood lark so I feel a little more comfortable to venture away. As I am not going away till the summer, I decided to head to the coast to get a taste of summer (wheather depending) and have a family day out in a cute beach hut! Break her in gently! 

I stumbled across Millie’s Beach Huts based in Walton-on-the-Naze in Essex after a google search for Beach Huts. They look so cute and made me smile with their bright colours and seaside themed decor, I had to snap one up for the day. I have never been inside a beach hut or hired one, but decided to take the plunge and go for it! In fact, I had never even been to Walton-on-the- Naze but the beach looked very clean and quaint so it was a good location to try and hire a beach hut! 

It’s always a gamble booking things in advance when living in the U.K, as one day the weather in June could be torrential rain or gales, but I got lucky and it was a glorious 23 degrees with blue skies as you can see by the pics! 

The beach hut of choice (and availability as they get snapped up quick!) was Millie! Millie is based in Southcliffe promenade and was a beach hut of the year finalist due to its quirky and colourful pink and sea green decor! To be honest I was so glad it was available as it was my beach hut of choice! 

It’s a Cath Kidston paradise with vintage floral plates, cute polka dots and kitsch interior design. It is full with amenities too for you to use such as a whistling kettle, chairs, gas stove, umbrella and even the buckets and spades are included to use! Vicky (the owner of Millie’s Beach Huts) has pretty much thought of everything, so even if the weather was bad, there are board games, cozy blankets, colouring in (ideal for kids) and even a glass jar of doggy biscuits for your furry friend should you chose to bring them along as they are more than welcome! 

It was actually really warm inside the hut so even on a cooler day you wouldn’t be freezing but I spent much of the day relaxing on the balcony! Based on the second row and up 5 steps, you have an uninterrupted view of the sea and what a glorious view it was! I honestly felt I was away on holiday for the day! 

There were 6 of us in total (baby included) and it was just enough room for us to enjoy a cold drink and fish and chips before we left in the evening! The Huts are to hire for long hours in the summer season so you could stay from 9am till 8pm. Booking is simple and quick online and access is via a code and key safe attached to the hut itself so no faffing about before or after! It also is incredibly affordable so most certainly won’t break the bank!

My little one enjoyed her first day at the seaside and I highly recommend coming to Walton-on-the-Naze for your traditional British seaside retreat for the day and Millie’s Beach Huts are an ideal base for the day! 


My Birth Story

I left it a few weeks before posting up my birth story as I have been in the newborn baby bubble! So better late than never, this is what happened when I gave birth to my first child!

At 41 weeks and 3 days I was booked in for an induction. After two unsuccessful sweeps, shows, strong Braxton hicks and trying all the birth inducing natural remedies, medical intervention was my only resort in getting the baby evicted from my womb! I called the maternity day assessment ward at 8am to check if there was a bed free for my induction booked in for that day. Fortunately there was and I was informed to come in right away to get the process started. I knew a little bit about induction and that it was to begin firstly with a vaginal pessary to help ripen the cervix in the hopes to kick starting labour before any other intervention would be used. I was examined and told my cervix was around 1-2cm before the pessary was inserted and that I would need to be monitored for 6 hours after. It also meant that my ideal birth plan of a water birth was out of the window due to the infuction and need to have the baby monitored the entire time. At this point I didn’t really care too much as I wanted it to be over. I was exhausted, ached, felt ginormous and eagerly awaiting to meet my daughter. A midwife connected me to a monitor so they could observe her heart rate and movement and it was quite simply a waiting game. 

6 hours passed and I didn’t feel any different. It was around 5:30pm and the midwife told me to go home and that I was booked in for the next morning at 11 to continue the induction process, which would be an oxytocin drip. We left the hospital and I starting to feel some twinges that were different from before. I still knew that the best environment to be in would be at home, to try and relax and let nature take its course. It was a good 30 minute drive from hospital to home and those twinges felt like they were getting stronger on the way home. 

It must have been about 5 minutes after getting home that I started to panic (yes the opposite of what I should be doing) as the pain went from 1-2 to a 8-9. I remember feeling panicked as if I was in the early stages now, how on earth am I going to cope? Am I a complete wimp? I mean I have cried in the past from having bad period pain and this was off the scale and not even like period pain really. My hubby decided to time what I knew were contractions. One minute on, one minute off and I was rolling around in crippling pain. A quick phone call to the hospital and it was back in the car for that 30 minute drive back! 

I cannot remember much of the drive there to be honest except I kept my eyes closed most of the way and was trying to focus on my breathing. I hadn’t taken any pain relief, not even a paracetamol so I felt like I needed something. Once we had arrived, the pain had gone from 8-9 to a definite 10. The worst pain I have ever experienced. I almost froze in the car and could barely move my legs to get out. Again the contractions hadn’t slowed down and were around 1 minute on and off. It took so long for me to walk across the car park and into the maternity unit stopping every 5-10 steps to hold on to a wall and just be hunched over in agony. Once I had arrived, I needed to go to the day assessment unit so a midwife could assess me and see what was going on. I just remember being in a side room, feeling the need to strip off my clothes as I felt so hot and was gripping onto the bed in pain. My husband kept telling me to calm down and relax but I quite simply wanted to punch him when he said to calm down! I was assessed by the midwife to check my progress and I was praying it wasn’t just 1cm dilated. The midwife examined me very quickly and simply said:

“You are in active labour, which explains why you are in so much pain. You are around 5-6cm and your waters are bulging and about to break”. 

I was relieved! Relieved that I wasn’t being a complete wimp and I had a good reason to be in agony! I was straight away assisted into a wheelchair and wheeled straight to the delivery ward by another midwife and student that were going to be the amazing people to help me reach the end. I just wanted this to be over. I was in side room 12 that had an en suite bathroom and I could see the baby examination heated table thingy, which reassured me this is it. The midwife was old school and I love that. Plenty of experience and knowledge with a relaxed way about her. The student was extremely thorough and showed so much encouragement and reassurance I couldn’t have asked for a better pair of midwives. I was asked about pain relief and was offered gas and air. I knew I didn’t want anything stronger if I could help it, I mean I had got this far with no pain relief at all. I was just praying the gas and air didn’t make me feel sick. I was connected to continuous monitoring for me and the baby as I had been induced. The midwives were saying my contractions were very strong and almost back to back so I just puffed away on that gas and air and tried to go with my body. All the things I wanted in delivery such as music, massage, position all went out the window and the only thing that helped was my breathing techniques and the gas and air. 

My waters still hadn’t properly broke. I think they were trickling but had no huge gush or awareness of them breaking. The pressure was so intense and I wanted them to break so much. With some gentle assistance from the midwife my waters broke and it was like Niagra Falls! Unfortunately my baby had a poo inside me so I would need more monitoring once she was here and she would require to be assessed straight after delivery. After 2 hours or so, I had the most intense feeling to push. It was like the ultimate biggest poo/melon was right by my butt! The midwife said, just go with it. I assumed I was fully dilated at this point so I pushed and pushed on every contraction. I was getting so tired and remember having the driest mouth so I had frequent lip balm and sips of water throughout. I also had an IV drip of fluid to help with mouthfuls of honey for energy. The midwife popped out and returned with some pink knitted baby hats. This must be it, I am so close. Every time I pushed she went back in and I was so exhausted. The midwife stated that if I didn’t deliver the head soon, I would require further assistance from a doctor. I really didn’t want any interventions and so that next contraction I pushed so hard and they could see the head! My husband looked and started to cry. The next contraction was the hardest push I had done and felt like I was going to burst! I felt a pop and the head was out. I could see and the midwife encouraged me to feel the head so I did and it was absolutely incredible. My pushing needed to slow down and I had to gently breathe the rest of the baby and within a few more pushes, she was delivered and placed on me.

That feeling of love is unbelievable and overwhelming . I had finally met my beautiful daughter and she was perfect.

My hubby had to jump in and cut the cord before she could be assessed, although it took a while as he is left handed with blunt scissors!!

There she was. No words can honestly describe this moment and every mother says the same thing, but you don’t understand unless you have experienced it personally.

Weighing in at 7lb 8oz at 2:59am.

After she was assessed and everything was ok with those loud baby cries, I delivered my placenta with a little help of the injection in my thigh and was back on the gas and air just when you think it’s over! I additionally had a second degree tear so had 6-8 stitches and I could finally breathe a sigh of relief! My first birth experience was over. I was emotional, ecstatically happy, fuelled with adrenaline and felt like I had been hit by a bus between my legs. 

From start to finish it took just four hours and I only had gas and air as pain relief shocking myself that I could actually do it! How do your stories compare? I feel that I was very lucky compared to many women but certainly am in no hurry to do it again just yet! 

Pre and post birth products. No bullshit just good honest reviews!

With so many products floating about on the market for absolutely everything especially during pregnancy and after, it’s easy to believe anything and end up buying stuff that isn’t that great. I have had some very positive experiences with certain products whilst I was carrrying my daughter and after she was born and I would love to share my experiences with you! I have picked 8 amazing products and written a short review that I feel definitely made a huge difference and are worth the purchase!

1) Lansinoh Lanolin Nipple Cream

There are no alternatives to good effective nip cream in my opinion. I have used this since my little one was born applying twice a day morning and night as a barrier and I have never had sore or cracked nipples. I understand that poor technique can cause this too and was de latching my little one in the beginning of breastfeeding felt painful but I do feel this has made a huge difference. It is thick and almost like a petroleum jelly type greasiness to it that does soak in. It has no scent and is 100% natural with no need to removed before feeding. Perfect! I highly recommend this wonderful Nipple saving cream!

2) Burts Bees Hand Cream (mum to bee)

I really felt the baby glow after having my baby. What I mean is after she was born, my skin went from plump and pretty much flawless to shit within days. I have never suffered with dry skin but my god it was seriously dry. From my hands (big time) to my arms, legs, you name it it was flaking! I got brought a Burts Bees Mama to bee gift set for my baby shower and all the products are good. But I especially liked the Honey and grape seed hand cream. It wasn’t like any other hand cream I have used. For starters it is really thick and slightly oily. I would only recommend using this if your hands are really dry as it works hard to remove the dry patches. It is a wonderful product that I would purchase again but there is so much in the squeezy tube, I think it will last such a long time. It doesn’t have much of a scent, because it is natural but a slight honey smell to it.

3) Femfresh Intimate Wash

Any woman that has had a baby knows how important it is to stay clean and fresh especially downstairs! I had a normal delivery with some stitches and along with the dreaded Lochia (see my past blog post) I really wanted something to help keep me clean and fresh along with it being gynecologically tested to be ok to use there. The daily intimate wash is ideal being pH balanced, soap free and helped me feel so much better downstairs! There is no obvious scent to it. A must buy post birth or for anytime in my opinion. I love it!

4) Batiste Dry Shampoo

The king of dry shampoos! I have been using Batiste dry shampoo for years and have no preference to any of the wonderful scents/types as in my opinion they all work and give you a few days of unwashed hair! Especially once your beautiful baby is here and you simply do not have time to give your hair a full wash as often (well I don’t!) and this gives you at least a days grace. It’s also fab for adding volume to limp hair like mine tends to be! If you haven’t tried this, go for it! You will be hooked!

5) Aveeno daily after shower mist

I haven’t really used many of the Aveeno products but purchased many of them when they were on offer! 🙈 I am so glad I brought this one in particular, the daily After shower moisturising mist. I am one of those unfortunate women that really suffer with scaly dry legs in particular especially the shins. Quite unsightly. I have tried many different moisterisers but this actually works and my dry shins have gone! It really is a fabulous product that is both easy to apply, dries in really quick so no need to wait about before getting dressed, leaves no residue and no greasiness. A subtle fresh scent to it but most importantly if you have dry skin this works! 

6) Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser

I am no stranger to Liz Earle and have been buying the Hot cloth cleanser for a few years now. I suffered with pretty bad adult acne and tried many cleansers on the market, some of which were very strong and had adverse effects. Liz Earle product are natural, smell incredible and removes the toughest of make up including waterproof mascara. I simply apply over a full made up face, rub in circular motions over the entire face including eyelids and neck and wash off with the muslin cloth in warm water and that’s it. It doesn’t make my skin feel dry, it leaves it feeling clean without that nasty stripped off feeling and my skin honestly has been so much better, probably because the make up has been properly removed. The smell is beautiful and I simply love it.

7) Secret Saviours Stretch Mark Cream

I was kindly sent a bottle of the secret saviours anti stretch mark night cream to try. I was around 6 months pregnant when I began using this at night time and had fabulous results. It wasn’t the only stretch mark preventer I used (see my next review) but I feel it definitely made a difference. It soaked in beautifully without any greasy residue, smelt incredible and came in a handy easy pump bottle. I would loved to have tried some of the other secret saviours products, but I fortunately had incredible results none the less and didn’t get a single stretch mark!

8) Bio Oil

I was recommended this product from my family that also gained no stretch marks during pregnancy. I understand genetics does play a part however I religiously used this product from 12 weeks pregnant through to birth and did not get a single stretch mark. Not one. I never really got that itchy stomach during pregnancy, my skin felt hydrated and it worked. I would just say you need to give it that little bit of time to thoroughly soak in as it is an oil based product but trust me it was worth the wait. Bio oil Recommends this product during pregnancy and from 12 weeks. It honestly is well worth it in my opinion with stretch mark free tummy, boobs and thighs! Woohoo! 

My breastfeeding journey so far.. 33 days in.

I knew from the very start whilst pregnant that I wanted to breastfeed. My sister was a big influence and pro breastfeeding and I was brought this Book that made complete sense to me.

Everyone has their reasons and choice, but for me personally it is was no brainer! It was on tap, ready, natural, no sterilising, the best scientifically for my baby and free! I did have my doubts before it all started working. 

What if I didn’t produce enough?

What if I couldn’t?

What if she couldn’t? 

Fortunately it went pretty swimmingly for me but I can see in the beginning why some women decide to use formula and I completely understand why. I didn’t have leaky boobs in the beginning like some pregnant women and so was wondering if I had any colostrum. After I had given birth and had been “sorted” down below, It was time to give my daughter her first feed. I was so tired and the midwife helped a lot in gettin her to latch on, which she did almost immediately (hungry girl!) and I had my first experience of breastfeeding. She instinctively was feeding and remained there for about 90 minutes! Such a long time! I laid and stroked her head the entire time.

I have been feeding on demand since the day she was born, trusting my body is producing enough milk for her. The first 3-4 days, all she was taking was the colostrum. It’s strange to think that she didn’t even require water! Pretty amazing really. It was day 4, when my milk came in that I woke up feeling like Dolly Parton with the most humongous milk engorged boobies known to man! I had to get the Tommee Tippee electronic breast pump out just to relieve the pressure, which worked a treat. It’s s shame I didn’t provisionally sterilise the bottle and pump to save the milk and sadly had to dump it. Lesson learned there! 

I additionally went out and brought these hot and cold breast Therapy pads by Lansinoh as I felt in the future if I were to suffer with any engorgement, pain or blocked ducts than I am fully prepared!!

Fortunately over the next few weeks I began to get a routine and understand my body and babies needs for milk. I knew the correct latch on position, I became farmiliar with the let down reflex and even had some laughs squirting my poor baby in the face with milk if she suddenly came off mid flow! (Sorry baby girl!).

 I have been making a conscious effort to look after my boobs too and to eat more according to my midwife. I have been going through lots of breast pads each day and applying twice a day this wonderful lanolin cream by Lansinoh that I absolutely love! It protects, soothes any sore bits and so far no cracked or bleeding nipples whilst I have exclusively breast fed for the last 33 days! Hurrah! I highly recommend!

So far my journey continues very positively. I have even been breastfeeding   In public descretely, with exception to a very busy restaurant with very little space and lots of gawping men and resorted to using a toilet. I won’t be doing that again if I can help it.

My little one is gaining weight fast and it is a lovely bonding time for us when it’s feeding time. She is currently feeding every 2-3 hours daytime (with the occasional added in hour feed) and 3-4 hourly through the night. I would like to start expressing but where things have been going well, I still do not want to mess up my supply, but would like to build up a small freezer supply! I have done this a few times but only a few ounces so far. I purchased the freezer bags by Tommee Tippee for ease too. The electronic breast pump really is worth it and it is so easy! Especially with a handy microwave steriliser unit! Ideal for quick sterilising and for future travels!

I have been advised to not express till after about 12 weeks or so and don’t want to get any engorgement. So if you have any tips, feel free to comment below! So far I have been using my other breast early in the morning when they feel most full. So I do hope things continue well, I am just so greatful breastfeeding is going well for us so far. 


3 things no one tells you after you have had a baby!

Now there are probably hundreds of blog posts similar to this that kind of cover the same thing. However I have definitely found a variety of things that have happened to me (and my baby girl) that no one really does tell you! I am going to begin with my 3 things and hopefully they will prepare you post baby!

1) Lochia. 

We are well aware that post baby we are going to experience the mother of all periods. It’s obvious! But I certainly wasn’t aware of post partum discharge called lochia that has a very strange smell (apologies for too much info but it’s natural!). Lochia changes over the duaration from bright red, to pinky brown than yellow white. It’s basically your body getting rid of all the bacteria, dead tissue and pregnancy exudate but no one warned me about it nor the strange smell which is completely normal! I was showering 2-3 times a day and changes pads very frequently to feel clean. Just a heads up for mums to be that this is all normal just stock up on pads!!

2) Engorgement

On day 4 my milk came in. I literally went to bed with a D cup and woke up with what felt like an F! I was Dolly Parton! It was not pleasant and my boobs felt solid to the armpit, lumpy, very uncomfortable and I had the sweats and was desperate to get rid of this feeling. I was almost too engorged to feed my little one and had to express from both boobs for my comfort and for them to actually feed my baby. I had no idea that this day would be so uncomfortable and sudden. I was paranoid I would get mastitis and was cluster feeding thank goodness to drain the boobs! Luckily this lasts a few days and settles down but again, stock up on breast pads as those boobies once they turn on, don’t turn off! Kind of funny but also be prepared to get wet and for your baby to get a milk facial once in a while when they come off the boob mid feed!

3) Baby Boobs!

I noticed when giving my little one a top and tail post birth, that she had small lumps under her tiny nipples bless her. I was intrigued and decided to ask my midwife at the next visit. Apparently due to the hormones of birth, they pass from me to my baby and can cause this along with a small period. She had this on one of her first nappy changes with a small streak of blood in her nappy along with tiny boobs. Minus the period, my friend with her newborn boy also has the small lumps under his nipples so it isn’t just for girls! Just another heads up and is completely normal, bless them x

My first week as a first time mumma!

It’s been a little while since my last post and understandably why, because I have just pushed a baby out of my body! I will do a separate birth story post but for now I just want to blog about how the first week has been being a mummy. 

Day 1: I was discharged from hospital early evening around 5-6pm and this was just 14 hours after giving birth. It would have been sooner but had we had been waiting for discharge paperwork etc, you know how it is! I could not believe that I had been awake for around 35 hours and felt wired from the adrenaline of having a child.. such a strange feeling, but amazing! I was extremely sore, exhausted and happy. 

Day 2: Didn’t sleep particularly well as every little snuffle, cough or coo I was eyes like a hawk in her Moses basket! I couldn’t stop staring at her and being in love with this tiny little being. She is incredible. The meconium pooey nappies are coming thick and fast and after worrying if she is pooping/peeing enough, I now cannot turn it off! I feel extremely tired, still buzzing and the latching on for breast feeding literally takes my breath away.. ouch! Still feel very fragile in myself physically and trying to be polite to tell visitors to stay to a minimum. Midwife has been to keep an eye on us, checked my stitches and all looks well although it certainly doesn’t feel it 😦 ouch!

Day 3: I knew this would be a tough one. Baby blues. I have felt peculiar today feeling emotional for no reason and wanting to stay upstairs most of the day and being antisocial. I feel a little sweaty, unwell, unable to sleep with no appetite. Just want this day over. I still feel very sore and need sleep badly!

Day 4: I have woken up like Dolly Parton! Oh my goodness my boobs have increased by about 10 cup sizes and they are rock solid to the armpit. This is incredibly painful and I feel very sweaty and uncomfortable. Panicking that I am going to get mastitis or engorgement so I have opted to express a little milk just for comfort. Breastfeeding is pretty uncomfortable today but feel emotionally better just hot! Managed to get out of the house again today to some families for a roast dinner, appetite still crap but making myself eat. Really hating the Lochia that no one tells you about (post baby bleeding/clear out) I feel dirty and am trying to shower 2-3 times a day to prevent infection/weird smell going on!

Day 5: Feeling a little better although the usual sleep deprivation going on. Realised that little one hates silence so have been sleeping with some light music on in the background that seems to be working. I am drinking like a fish devouring on 2.5-3 litres of water a day and appetite seems to be getting better. I am still taking regular paracetamol for noonie/sacrum pain. Midwife has come over again, this time for her heel prick test (she didn’t even cry as she was feeding) and for her first weigh in. Expecting her to lose up to 10% of her birth weight, I was pleasantly surprised that she has actually gained! I feel like superwoman with the gold top milk! She is now 8lb 2oz up from 7lb 11! Feeling positive and happy that she is getting enough! Her poop has changed to neon yellow in colour so no more black tarry nappies. She is so cute and I’m so in love! Sadly we had some bad news with our hairless family cat Dobby, having to be put to sleep today at the young age of just 5. Turns out he had a heart complaint called HCM that has triggered off a huge blood clot on his spine and causing paralysis. Super emotional with both grief and joy with the drop of hormones so a very teary day. Dobby only plucked up the courage this morning to say hello to our precious girl. 😿

Day 6: Still feel very sad because of Dobby passing away, but also full of joy and being strong for little one. I do not want her to sense the sadness and so have managed to get out of the house for a mini shopping trip and change of scenery. I went with hubby for courage and to build confidence and even breastfed in public for the first time in a coffee shop! Had lots of smiles from strangers and people commenting on how cute she was. I feel very low in confidence and scared to have to venture out alone soon when hubby is back to work. Breastfeeding really settling in now and our cord is still strongly connected to her tummy.

Day 7: Woo hoo! We have made it to 1 week old! I am feeling slightly better physically each day as I get up although still experiencing some nasty sacrum pain.. is it just bruising? Still using my make shift booster/polo chair to help with comfort. Enjoying the breastfeeding and religiously applying lanolin 2-3 times a day. She is so cute and makes me smile so much just staring at her tiny little face!  Really enjoying cuddles under a. Lanier with her and trying to sleep in the day a little to increase my energy and sleep to conquer the nights. Cannot believe it was a week ago that I gave birth to this tiny girl. In addition my tummy has shrunk so much. The human body is remarkable and I am so grateful to be getting my shape slowly back. Looking forward to feeling 100% physically in myself so I can start doing some light exercise and eat better. This week has been a massive make do with food and fortunately I have had some awesome people around willing to cook and help with washing etc! 

So in a nutshell, that was week one. Looking back now it was such a whirlwind of emotions and a very tough adjustment to motherhood. Nothing has prepared me for this week and I don’t think anything can especially with my first baby. I already am overwhelmed with love and protection over her and it’s true what people say, you really do not know that feeling until you have your own child! 

Stretch and sweep or membrane sweep at 40 weeks and 41 weeks, 24 hours before and after.

I never knew what this procedure was until finding out I was pregnant and discussing it briefly at NCT and with my midwife in the third trimester. So I thought I would share my experience with others to clarify exactly what happens, how I felt and my decision to go ahead with this intervention.

This is the first thing I thought of when I was told by my midwife that if I hadn’t randomly gone into labour before 40 weeks she was going to offer me a “stretch and sweep”. I was adamant in my head that this wasn’t going to happen and that I would be fortunate enough to go into random labour prior to this date. However my due date came and went and before I knew it, I was having the sweep the next day. I felt anxious, excited, nervous and all the while know the best way to be is completely relaxed without the stress to let the oxytocin flow. Pretty much impossible at this point. I spent a little while googling and searching online as to what the procedure is and the chances of it working. Probably not the best thing to do as the midwife had already explained to me, but I like to know the ins and outs of everything and the reason why and how this is supposed to work. 

The day had arrived and the procedure wasn’t until 5pm so I had to spend most of my day trying NOT to overthink and keeping busy. Is this it? Is today the day? 

The midwife was extremely nice and fully explained the procedure and the chance of it progressing into labour. Only 24% chance that the sweeps are to work but she was in high hopes that made me feel much more positive. The sweep itself wasn’t too bad. I am very good at keeping up with my cervical smear tests so the couch and position etc were the same. No speculum was used, instead it was a manual vaginal examination where the midwife would reach for my cervix, if in the wrong position pull it to the correct position and than continue to manually open it up using her fingers. With some women the procedure is not possible if the cervix is not in the correct position or it is too closed. Fortunately for me the midwife was able to open the cervix and sweep the membranes in order to try and stimulate labour. 

I am not going to lie, the procedure itself isn’t pleasant and is pretty uncomfortable. It is not agonising nor unbearable and just feels like brief moment of intense period pain, a good opportunity to practice those breathing techniques I found! There was a small amount of bleeding and cramping after the sweep but the midwife was happy that it was successful. It was than time to go home and continue the waiting game.

Unfortunately nothing progressed from there. I just felt as though the baby was lower, with more episodes of lightening vagina and bleeding. I had a few more bloody shows and was using the birth ball more than ever to try to get this show on the road. I went to bed that night feeling hopeful, but I ended up waking up the next day feeling disheartened. A second sweep was booked in after the weekend so I had to wait 3 days for a second attempt, which again I heard has a higher success rate. Again feeling hopeful after an extremely long three days of waiting with no progress, tears and trying to keep busy, the Monday had come where i was booked in for a second sweep at 8am. 

I was pleased it was much earlier in the day so I wasn’t waiting and headed to the hospital for round two. It was a similar experience, discomfort, period pain, not as much blood if any this time and I was dilated to 2cm with another “good” sweep performed. I also had my induction date booked in as a back up, but in the back of my mind hoping that it doesn’t come to this and that labour progresses naturally for me. I decided to keep active for the rest of the day in the hopes that it progresses things further. A 2 mile walk to feed the ducks and get some fresh country air should do it. 

Nope. Again after a long day of consuming raspberry leaf tea, walking, bouncing, eating every possible old wives tale to stimulate labour, nothing. Maybe even less so than the first time. Slept incredibly well considering and the disheartening feeling continues as I’m so desperate to meet my baby girl and get this show on the road.

Today is my induction day. I am just hoping that this is finally it. Staying relaxed and positive, I will keep you posted. ❤️