Seasonal delights at Camma’s Hall Farm Essex 

Firstly I have been totally shite at posting! Oh my goodness I have no one to blame other than myself being part human, part Zombie with the lack of sleep my little human is allowing me to have! However, here we go!

Camma’s Hall Farm is a cute little farm located near Bishops Stortford on the Cambridgeshire/Essex border. I have driven past the signs a few times but have never visited. Today we decided to venture out to pick a pumpkin for Halloween! I am a huge Halloween fan and LOVE pumpkin carving too so what a fab seasonal day out and an excuse to take more gorgeous pics of my tiny one. 

As you walk through the tea barn (totally went for lunch as it smelt delicious!) you are greeted by the most wonderful display or perfectly picked pumpkins laid on crisp hay for you to pick up and buy. However we wanted to physically pick our own and decided to hover about until the next tractor ride was ready to leave and head over to the pumpkin patches!

It was a glorious day for it and I highly suggest getting there early. We spent just a few hours here arriving at 10am, but by the time we had left at about 12, it was heaving with keen pumpkin pickers so if you want to have the place a little more to yourself, arrive early! There were a team of Camma’s Farm staff on hand so when you found your perfect pumpkin, the staff would cut it off the stalk and give it a clean for you to take home. 

I opted for a mid size pumpkin. Although if I had it my way, I would have got an absolute monster, which would have given me great enjoyment carving and eating it ready for the 31st. Post tracker ride we popped our pumpkin into the car after purchasing and decided to head to the corn fields to pick some corn on the cob for dinner! There is something awesome about picking your own produce, I mean it would be better to have grown it but I am such a rubbish gardener so I opted for the next best thing! 

All that picking gave us an appetite for some home cooked food. In the tea barn is a small cafe serving various tasty lunch goods and I went for the home made pumpkin and chili soup with toasted brown bread! Yum!! The little lady opted for a smoothie! (Chilli probably not a good idea for a weaning babe!)

For a fab morning/afternoon out, I would definately suggest Camma’s hall farm. There is no entrance fee but you pay for what you pick. Over the duration of the year there are various seasonal goods to be picked such as apples, strawberries, corn etc. Take a look at their website that can be found HERE



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